Entrance exams - Gymnázium, Praha 10, Voděradská 2

OPPA, Praha, EU

Entrance exams

Entrance examination for the school year 2014/2015

Expected number of new classes

-         One class of the 8-year program for pupils after the 5th grade of primary school – 32 students, 79-41-K/81

-         One class of the 6-year program for pupils after the 7th grade of primary school – 32 students, 79-41-K/61

-         One class of the 4-year program for pupils after the 9th grade of primary school – 32 students, 79-41-K/41

The deadline for handing in the application forms is March 15th 2014.

The application form is available in primary schools or on the Internet (www.msmt.cz).

The date of the entrance examination will be filled in by a legal guardian of the pupil - April 22nd or April 23rd 2014.

We do not require a medical report except for students with altered working abilities.

School leaving evaluation is not necessary.

Our school organizes special courses to prepare applicants for the entrance examination in Czech language and mathematics. The courses are led by experienced teachers of our grammar school.

OPPA, Praha, EU
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